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The Cool Runnings Story

Cool Runnings had its inception in 1988 (this was before the movie, folks) after a series of local jam sessions brought Gary (Quintana, percussion) and Dave (Dalton, guitar/vocals) together.  “Hey – let’s start a band!”; the birthing throes of this endeavor were numerous, with drummers, keyboardists, and bassists coming and going before Tom (Pyszczynski, bass) settled in on bass and brought his reggae influence with him. Gary found Lisa (Whitney, vocals) through an advertisement at a local music store to help with the singing and the core of the group was almost formed.  The first performances at the Ancient Mariner in Manitou Springs and the Underground in Colorado Springs featured 6 pieces, but a certain guest singer in the crowd at the Underground attracted their attention and soon Keith (McClease, vocals) was invited to join the band. This first version of Cool Runnings featured Jason Goldman on guitar and Melanie Allen on drums and played around Colorado until the players went their separate ways in 1993. 

              Fast forward to 2006.  Keith and Derek (Johnson, keyboards) had finished a stint with B Positive using Dave as a guest guitarist; the trio wanted to continue but lacked bass and drums.  A jam session at Tom’s house introduced them to Cahalen (Morrison, drums/guitar), he and Tom formed a formidable drum ‘n bass.  Lisa and Gary agreed to give it a go and the reunion was on! So began the second incarnation of Cool Runnings.


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The Cool Runnings Story


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